Masi Polar Plus Ergonomic Adjustable Snow Pusher Shovel-


Masi Polar Plus Ergonomic Adjustable Snow Pusher Shovel-

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Masi Polar Plus -Ultimate ergonomic snow pusher shovel- ROI- lasts for years- excellent investment Shoveling snow is hard work!  Simply lift upward on the handle and tip it forward. If you need to, give the load a push with your knee against the back of the scoop after it is tipped up and the load can be spread forward and away from you. The Snow Pusher is wider and deeper than most snow shovels, so it handles more snow, and faster, than does the shovel with much less effort and strain on the back. This makes the job of moving the snow much easier and faster than using the shovel. Heavy, wet snow eventually sticks very well to the average snow shovel. But the unique material the scoop of the Snow Pusher is made of does not allow snow of any type to stick to it. This prevents the Snow Pusher from becoming heavier and heavier as the work continues. The snow just slides out of the scoop, easily, every time. I heartily recommend the Snow Pusher shovel to anyone who has the job of clearing snow from their walks and/or driveway. It is indeed, a pleasure to work with as compared to the conventional snow shovel.  I like it and will continue to use it and recommend it! NOVELTY 2013! Handle with stepless adjustment – suitable for both tall and short users. Top part of handle is ergonomically formed, sturdy Finnish design. Generous size – scoop width and volume designed for Nordic conditions. The scoop is made of easy-sliding and durable HDPE material made in Germany. Packed in a compact carton for easy transport, a Finnish product with an international patent. Height (h) 850-1030 Length (l) 1315-1555 Working width (w) 730 Weight (kg) 6,09 With package (kg) 7,05 The Masi Polar Plus Snow pusher Shovel for is so well constructed that it will last for years . There is no need to keep buying shovels every year. The Snow pusher shovel is manufactured in Finland with highest quality components and materials.for snow Many of our customers find that the Masi Polar Plus is easier and quicker to use than a snow blower and a lot less money. Remove snow from your driveway 60% -75% faster! Quality Our integrated quality management and environmental management system is certified according to standards ISO9001 and ISO14001.


The Masi Snow Pusher is based on a Nordic innovative design and technique and heavy use. Reinforced steel  handle and robust scoop having a hollow core structure and is reinforced with edge plates to protect the corners and an ergonomic  grip to facilitate use.

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