Masi Polar Plus Snow Pusher

Masi Polar Plus Snow Pusher

Masi Polar Plus Snow Pusher

High-standard general purpose snow pusher heavy-duty use.Masi Polar Plus, adjustable ,ergonomic, snow pusher, shovel, scoop, no lifting

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New Masi Polar Plus Ergonomic Adjustable Snow Pusher Shovel-

Snow  Shovel manufactures Finland by Masi,  No lifting -no Back Strain adjustment suitable , ergonomic . scoop Adjustable efficeint  50% faster

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Delivery weight: 15 kg

Finnhook Zen-Trigger Point Massage Tool

. FinnHook releases effectively muscle tensions and eases pain quickly. The product is suitable for use in both, acute and chronic ailments. FinnHook is an excellent self-help tool that allows the customer to the easy way to contribute to the pain status of the healing process.
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